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Napolitano nominates next UC Berkeley Chancellor

Matthew Zamudio | Mar 13, 2017


Tell Us How UC It: A Living Archive

Ana Magallanes | Mar 13, 2017


UCSD is Not a Polytechnic University

Ashley Awe | Mar 8, 2017


Federal judge dismisses The Koala’s claim against UCSD

Gabriel Schneider | Mar 6, 2017


Campus News

New VP External Affairs and AVP Health and Wellness Appointed

Maggie Robak | Feb 22, 2017

The Associated Students executive search committee appointed Nicolas Monteiro as the new VP External Affairs and Derek Lim as the new AVP Health and Wellness this past week.

Campus News

Spirit Night NoDAPL Protesters Release Statement of Intent

Gabriel Schneider | Feb 10, 2017

UC News

UCSD Students Participate in UC-Wide Action Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Sylvia O | Feb 3, 2017

Campus News

Chinese Student Orgs Denounce Dalai Lama as Commencement Speaker

Triton News Staff | Feb 3, 2017



Elevating Appearances Over Students

Triton Editorial Board | Feb 23, 2017

“Student activists seem to have concluded that university administrators do not budge except under pressure of confrontation,” UCSD’s third chancellor, psychologist William McGill once said, attempting to explain student protests.


Professor Nadine George-Graves: Performance is not Benign

Nadine George-Graves | Feb 13, 2017


Refilwe Gqajela: The 'Lumumba-Zapata' Collective Should Change

Refilwe Gqajela | Feb 13, 2017


Justin Hunter: Violent Protest Isn't the Way to Go

Justin Hunter | Feb 9, 2017



The Feminist Bookstand: The Table Reshaping The Culture Of The UCSD Bookstore

Amarachi Metu | Feb 16, 2017

Here at UC San Diego, a school with a very heavy STEM presence, those who are not a part of marginalized groups are rarely exposed to social issues without ethnic studies classes or disturbing events.


A Valentine's Playlist for All Looking for Love

Ana Magallanes | Feb 14, 2017


The Vagina Monologues: A New Wave

Ana Magallanes | Feb 10, 2017


Maarja Nuut: A Contemporary Classic

Saunil Dobariya | Feb 7, 2017


Student Life

Student Takes Final Shower Before Midterms

Sarah Howell | Feb 9, 2017

With three midterms this coming week, it has been confirmed that UCSD student Loraine Smithson has already taken her last shower of the quarter. Those who are frequently in her vicinity, particularly those who have a functioning sense of smell, are reportedly “disappointed”.

Student Life

UCSD’s Unknown 2nd Best Rankings

Mo Ellew | Jan 24, 2017

Student Life

Student Body Upset by Medium Sized Puddle

Sarah Howell | Jan 9, 2017

Student Life

Drown Your Finals Sorrows in Coffee

Curtis Yee | Dec 5, 2016